Loretta Kendall

Romance Author

Meet Gigi Stein

Notice: The following is a work of fiction for readers to find out more about the fun characters of the Ghouls and Gals Series. #monsterromance


Get ready to take a wild ride with Gigi, the celebrity Monster Rat Rod Nationals winner. As the ex-bride of Frank N. Stein, Gigi has some incredible stories to tell about her journey from the horror world’s backwoods auto mechanic to the owner of Gigi’s Monster Garage of Horror Earth. Find out her unique approach to building custom vehicles, divorce, buzzy worthy news of her new budding romance, and learn what it means to be an ambitious female in the male-dominated world of auto racing in her new book coming out on April 16th.

Blogger: Hello Mrs. Stein. It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to take a break from your busy racing schedule to join us today. Why don’t you tell our readers about yourself?

Gigi: Well, as you mentioned, I’m a monster rat rod racer, owner of Gigi’s Monster Garage and the Ghouls and Gals Plaza. I love rockabilly and psychobilly culture, metal music, swing dancing, and tinkering with rusting old cars.

Blogger: Gigi, your book is about to be released April 16th. How do you feel about your story being told, and what should readers expect? I imagine having your life story shared with the world must be a little scary.

Gigi: Not at all. I’m so excited to be part of this series and share the stories of my friends and I. The Ghouls and Gals Series is all about having a few laughs and finding love, so that’s something to celebrate. It’s filled with slow-burn romance to spicy hot love scenes. We’re not holding anything back. 

Blogger: But love didn’t come easy for you with being a Frank-n-bride, did it? We hear this story tells about your journey to finding love and your sexual evolution after a traumatic divorce. Not to mention how you became a Frankenstein monster at the hands of mad scientist. Rumor has it, you’ve now been seeing a new racer on the scene. Tell us about Fox and how a monster gal found love with a human.

Gigi: With Fox, starting over is easy. He cares about me and overlooks all my flaws and scars. He’s as sweet as they come. Having a tough life of his own, he understands the abuse I endured in my undead life. As a divorced woman, I never thought I’d find love after Frank, but here I am, happy and starting over. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say Fox and I had a rough start, but when it finally clicked between us, things really heated up. (Giggle) He’s good with his hands in the garage and in the bed.

And as far as the mad scientist… well, readers will just have to see what unfolds.

Blogger: Now that’s the juicy tea our readers want to hear. Tell us about your divorce and where is Frank N. Stein now?

Gigi: (Rolls eyes) Six feet under if I’m lucky. Let’s just say readers will learn what a soulless creature that monster really is. That old Frankenstein story isn’t even close to the drama my ex can cause. He sure isn’t the media darling everyone believes him to be.

Blogger: I bet. I hear Frank is into some dark forces behind the scenes. Speaking of dark forces. Word has it monster race cars are full of monster magic and a substance called graveyard dust. Should humans be worried?

Gigi: Oh, gosh no. Only the most honorable of monsters can get their hands on graveyard dust. And let me tell ya, I have more than enough in my tank. Expect me to win at nationals again this year. I’m a racing queen and those other monsters can eat my graveyard dust. Dust comes from only the purest of hearts. Nothing to worry about at all if you take pride in that gift the grave has given. In the wrong hands, it can be dangerous, but the ghost of the past keep is safe. So humans, take heed if you get your hands on any of that spice. It’s best left to the pros.

Blogger: Tell me about your custom creations. Are they too filled with your special dust?

Gigi: Not always. Graveyard dust is nitro on steroids. You have to be quite a driver to handle that kind of power. Take my custom ride, Roddy. That old bucket of bolts may look like a green-flamed beauty, but she’s as tough as nails. Not all my custom cars rolled out of the garage are monster rides. We put pride into giving our clients the best, but that dust is special to only those who have the spirit to handle it. I treat my cars like I treat my friends; with respect and lots of care. That dust is no difference. Besides, if I didn’t have a passion for my work, I wouldn’t be on my way to being a four-time national drag winner.

Blogger: We have no doubt you’ll become a racing legend with that enthusiasm. Well, that’s all the time we have. Good luck at the races and the release of your new book. Any last words for our readers?

Blogger: It was great talking with you and we look forward to reading your story.

Gigi: Nice talking with you all. Be careful on your way out. My Venus flytraps bite. For some reason humans never read the signs.

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