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  • New on Kindle Vella: Foxy Wild

    New on Kindle Vella: Foxy Wild

    “A fox in the wolfs den. That’s exactly what my life is like with danger around every corner.” Trouble-making burlesque dancer, Foxy Wild, is the outcast among the wolves of Blue Moon. That is until the mafia came to her small Kentucky town. Little did she know that Alpha Ambrose Crestwood would change her life…

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  • Cover Reveal!

    Cover Reveal!

    Gigi’s Monster Garage is coming Spring 2023! Take a wild ride with Gigi, the former bride of Frank N. Stein, as she navigates the world of rat rod racing. With a sassy rockabilly style and a lot of attitude, this stitched-up bad girl will capture your heart and laughs along the way. Join her and…

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  • Alpha vs Beta Reader

    Alpha vs Beta Reader

    Did you realize there is a difference? As an author, you come to the process of your writing when you realize you may need a second set of eyes or another point of view. So, you step into the stress-filled world of finding people to read your manuscript, before it’s released to the masses. Maybe…

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  • Meet Molly Sue

    Meet Molly Sue

    I couldn’t wait to share this cute sticker of Molly Sue. I will have special edition stickers made for readers who order signed copies of the upcoming monster series. #GhoulsandGalsSeries She’s a feisty little flytrap living with her family in the office window at Gigi’s Monster Garage. Careful! She likes to bite. #monstergarage#monsterromance#monstersmut#romcom#romanceauthor

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  • Book Cover Reveal Coming Feb 10th

    Book Cover Reveal Coming Feb 10th

    Who is ready to see the cover reveal for book one of the Ghouls and Gals series? This monster romance has been so much fun to write.💀Vintage horror characters💀Pinup psychobilly heroines💀Classic cars and retro fashion💀Lots of laughs💀Steamy romance#monsterromance #steamyromance #romcomreads #bookish

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  • Authoress vs Author

    Authoress vs Author

    Recently, I started noticing a number of female authors in the app writing community using the term “authoress” in their pen names. It made me curious as to why this is after we as authors have come so far. The word author or authoress in an official pen name is a bit redundant, but that…

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