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  • Discount Book Deal Coming Soon!

    Discount Book Deal Coming Soon!

    I’m excited to announce that the anthology, Boys will be Boys Club, will be available as part of the Smashwords 2022 End of Year Sale! Dec. 15, 2022 – Jan. 1, 2023 You can find the book here: Happy reading!

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  • Mean Old Librarians: An Author’s Odd Fear of Libraries

    Mean Old Librarians: An Author’s Odd Fear of Libraries

    I had an odd observation this morning when I saw a post on Twitter about someone asking the last time people had gone to the library. For me, it’s been years and I got to thinking about why that is. If anyone follows me on my Facebook page you will remember me talking a few weeks…

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  • Beautiful Xposure (Free Read!)

    Beautiful Xposure (Free Read!)

    Just in time for Halloween! Read this chilling short story tale free on When a former fashion model, turned photographer, has a chance to revamp her career with a new art gallery exhibit, she will be the talk of the industry when her beauty is displayed in its darkest form. Brianna Durham’s models find…

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  • Falling Olympus Exclusive Print Version

    Falling Olympus Exclusive Print Version

    The bay boy gods of Olympus have been banished to earth by the Grey witches. After a raging party goes wrong, leaving the witch sisters humiliated, a cure is placed on the unruly gods to teach them the meaning of humanity. Brothers Zeus, Posideon, and Hades will go on a journey for love as they…

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  • Dreamer: Sports Shifter Romance

    Dreamer: Sports Shifter Romance

    Luna suffers from an undiagnosed illness causing hallucinations and blackouts that have plagued her for years. The root of her bazaar illness comes to light when she meets her pro-wrestling hero, Gunner Cain, and his wrestling faction friends, The Tribe. Luna discovers her romantic connection to Gunner isn’t just a fangirl crush, he is her…

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